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Printer Consumables – Your Responsibility

The Duty of Care legal requirements apply to household, industrial and commercial waste.
As a retailer, supplier or distributor of printer consumables, you should offer your customers a recycling solution.

Option 1 – Referral Program

Make our service, your service…

Simply tell your customers to use Print-Recycle as a collection and waste recycling facility.

Your customers can create an account directly with us and you don’t need to do anything. We will collect directly from your customers’ sites and provide the Waste Transfer Notes. You have the reassurance that our reliable and professional service will be taking care of your customers’ recycling and you will be fully compliant with your environmental obligations in regards to printer consumables.

We can issue you with a Dealer Code to give to your customers. This will give them a discount off the standard prices and tells us it was your referral – meaning you will earn cash rewards.

Option 2 – Partner Program

Join our Print-Recycle Partner Program and benefit from up to 30% off recycling service prices1

  • Discounts vary depending on service levels and your requirements
  • Discounts are available for you to pass on to your customers – giving them additional benefits from you
  • You can add customer sites to your account so that you keep the interaction and relationship with your customers
  • You can set up separate accounts for your customers so that they can manage their own recycling services
  • You can put a credit balance on your account instead of the standard pay-as-you-go card payments
  • Access to historical collection records and electronic Waste Transfer Notes
  • Access to Add-On services2, such as:
    • Private branded collection boxes
    • Contents Reports with audited information on recycling services we have provided
    • Bespoke customer portal

Please contact us now to discuss our services and best options for your business.

1 discounts not applied to transport costs or replacement boxes
2 charges apply for add-on services