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Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

“Print-Recycle” is a division of WBM Ltd. and each reference to Print-Recycle is upon the understanding that the underlying responsibility is with WBM Ltd. as the company. The term “Print-Recycle” or “us” or “we” refers to the company WBM Ltd., who operate the Print-Recycle division.

“WBM Ltd.” refers to the company Waterloo Business Management Limited, with registered office located at Adelaide Mill, Gould Street, Oldham, OL1 3LL and company registration number 06976909.

“Customer” means the person / people, firm, company, charity, school and all other organisations to whom Print-Recycle supply and / or provide Recycling Services to, subject to these terms and conditions. Also including the terms “you” and “your”.

“The Recycling Service” means the handling, processing and recycling of Product and may include the collection of Product from the Customer’s premises and / or 3rd party sites. It may also include the supply of any equipment, boxes, promotional material etc. for use by the Customer in relation to the Recycling Service.

“Product” refers to all office electronic recyclable products relating to printing machines. This includes but is not limited to printer cartridges, drum units, fuser cores and other parts for use in copiers, printers and multifunction printing devices. This can also include used, damaged, unused and surplus stock items.

“Order” refers to the contract of the Recycling Service(s) provided by us to you.

“Consignment” refers to the total amount of items being transported for recycling as detailed in the order.

“Waste Transfer Note” means a note required under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, produced to cover the movement of waste from one site to another.

2. General

Print-Recycle specialises in the collection and processing of all used printer consumables for re-use and / or recycling. Print-Recycle accept all makes and models of OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) and non-OEM (Compatible and Remanufactured) Products.

All Products collected and / or processed by Print-Recycle are either processed for re-use or are recycled following the Company’s Environmental Policy and the Waste Hierarchy as required to comply with British Government standards and Waste Directives.

These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between the Company and the Customer, unless specifically modified or superseded in writing by a duly authorised representative of the Company and shall prevail over any Terms and Conditions contained in any Order made by the Customer or in any document or verbal representation made by the Customer, which is purposed to have a contractual meaning. 

The Customer will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions if any of the following events occur:-

The Customer places an order for the Recycling Service with the Company through the Print-Recycle website, via email or on the telephone, and / or

  1. a) The Company sends and the Customer receives an Order Acknowledgement for the Recycling Service to be provided, which includes a reference to these Terms and Conditions
  2. b) A contract of The Recycling Service, with the following terms, will be entered into by the Customer, upon your submission of a request for the Service to take place and upon your receipt of a reference number from us, which will be supplied to you, after acceptance of these terms and conditions.

A contract of service “to recycle printer consumables to a zero-landfill standard” with the following terms, will be entered into by you, upon confirming your order with acceptance of these terms and conditions.

There is no minimum and / or maximum number of boxes and / or pallets that can be arranged for collection. We reserve the right to refuse any boxes and / or pallets at any time.

These Conditions of Service shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English Law and subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

3. Commitments

We commit to:

  1. Deliver an excellent, reliable and professional service
  2. Resolve any service issue you may have in a timely and professional manner
  3. Collect the exact number of boxes / pallets specified on the order
  4. Generate and give access to all Waste Transfer Notes, as required by the Environment Agency and hold electronic copies, available on request, for a minimum of 7 years
  5. Reuse, repair and / or recycle all printer consumables and packaging materials received through your consignment without the use of landfill. Any other materials or products collected from you may be returned to the collection address, at additional cost to you, or disposed of in any method deemed acceptable by us for which you may be charged. Cartridges which contain POPS or are suspected to contain POPS (persistent organic pollutants) will be sent for incineration, as legally required by the Environment Agency

The Customer commits to:

  1. Package the items securely and ensure they are all contained within a sealed box / pallet that will not leak. Boxes will be taped securely (not excessively), and pallets will be wrapped, for safe and secure transit
  2. Detail the exact number of boxes and pallets on the Recycling Service request, ensuring the weight and dimensional limits are also acknowledged and adhered to
  3. Ensure the boxes / pallets are prepared for collection with the appropriate labels and are located appropriately at the main entrance / loading bay of the building, ready for a courier to collect
  4. Inform applicable persons at your organisation of the collection (anyone the driver is likely to come into contact with) and make available the boxes / pallets for collection between the hours of 9am – 5pm on the requested collection date and for a period of 7 working days after the collection date, if the first attempt of collection is not successful
  5. Ensure the correct boxes / pallets are handed over to the courier
  6. Not place any items that are not printer consumables within your consignment
  7. Not place any hazard or hazardous items within your consignment, according to the European Waste Catalogue – list of wastes
  8. Pay any Surcharges immediately as per section 5

4. Quotations, Prices and Payments

Any quotation, including any quotation within a tender document, shall be valid for 14 days only from the date the quotation is initially submitted to the Customer, unless the term is specifically extended by a duly authorised representative of the Company in writing.

The prices quoted are the Company’s current rates, not inclusive of VAT. VAT will be applied at the checkout stage if applicable. The prices are subject to change at any time and without notice. While every effort will be made to adhere to them, the Company may need to change the price after a request for the Recycling Service has been confirmed. In such instances, the customer will be given the option to cancel the request and will be offered a full refund of any amounts paid in relation to that particular transaction.

All prices displayed on the website are unique to your account, and cannot be accessed, or be made use of by another account. All prices are displayed Net of VAT and VAT will be applied on the checkout page if applicable.

Unless agreed otherwise, payment is to be made at the time that the Customer makes the request for the Recycling Service with the Company.

All payments for the Recycling Services are charged 100% in advance and conditional for the acceptance of your order, and subsequent start of the service.

Prepayments are a form of advanced service payment and can be made prior to making a collection and will be held as credit on your account, to be used to pay for collections at a later date. Prepayments will be refunded at any time, on request by you via the contact us form, up to but not exceeding the total value of outstanding prepayment credit currently held on your account; excluding any promotional credit added by us. Please allow up to 7 working days for the refund balance to appear in your bank account.

Prepayment credit on your account can only be used to purchase services and products we offer.

Your credit balance, including all transactions, can be viewed in the Income/Expenditure History tab of the My Account dashboard. No interest will be paid on prepayment credit balances.

If there are surcharges that the customer is required to pay (see section 5), the Company will raise an invoice and request for immediate payment. Unless agreed otherwise, payment is to be made within 14 days of receiving the invoice for surcharges. If payment is not received within 14 days after receiving the invoice, the Company reserves the right to apply an overdue payment surcharge of 8.0% over the Bank of England Base Rate or other Rate set by UK legislation, whichever is closest to zero (lowest if positive and highest if negative).

Failure to make the due payment in respect of the Recycling Service and / or surcharges, under this or any other contract with the Company shall entitle the Company to delay, suspend or cancel further service to the Customer at its option.

The Company may also exercise the right to delay, suspend or cancel services, if the Customer becomes bankrupt or makes an assignment, agreement or composition with its creditors or goes into liquidation (otherwise than for reconstruction or amalgamation purposes) or if a receiver is appointed. These rights may also be exercised by the Company if it has reasonable grounds to believe that any such above events are likely to occur.

In the event that the Company institutes legal proceedings against the Customer to recover any outstanding sums due to the Company for Services provided to the Customer, the Company shall be entitled to recover from the Customer all costs incurred in such proceedings, including legal fees.

The Company is entitled to assign the claims arising from our business relationship.

The Company has the right to charge and the Customer agrees to pay duties or taxes which become due in fulfilling the Order from the Customer.

Any promotional offers, including but not limited to vouchers, discount codes and free services, may only be used by the intended account holder. We reserve the right to withdraw any promotional offers at any time and without notice.

5. Surcharges

There may be occasions where surcharges need to be applied to the Customer and we reserve the right to apply these extra charges and invoice these separately, after the service is complete. Such instances are detailed below, but are not limited to:

  1. If we receive boxes or pallets that include items other than acceptable printer consumables, we have the right to return them and charge you the transport cost plus a surcharge of £20.
  2. If the actual quantity of boxes and / or pallets are greater than what is stated on the order, we have the right to charge the Transport and / or Processing fees (as applicable) plus a surcharge of £20.
  3. If we receive pallets and / or boxes that exceed our size limits as imposed by our selected couriers and specified on our website, you agree to pay the surcharges imposed by the courier at the time, plus an additional surcharge of £20 per pallet and / or box.
  4. If we receive pallets and / or boxes that exceed our weight limits as imposed by our selected couriers and specified on our website, you agree to pay the surcharges imposed by the courier at the time, plus an additional surcharge of £1.50 per Kg.
  5. As our recycling process is a dry process, we don’t accept printer consumables that are wet or have been stored outside, and we have the right to return those items back to you at your cost plus a surcharge of £20.
  6. We only accept toner powder that remains inside a printer consumable, such as a toner cartridge or toner bottle. If we receive just solid toner powder, we have the right to return it back to you at your cost plus a surcharge of £20.
  7. If the boxes and / or pallets are not correctly labelled, sealed, packaged, or suitable for transit and this results in the cancellation of the Services, a surcharge of £20 may be applied.
  8. If the boxes and / or pallets are not located and ready for collection at the address specified on the order and results in the Cancellation of the Services a surcharge of £20 may be applied.
  9. If the courier is unable to complete the collection through any fault of the Customer a surcharge of £20 may be applied.
  10. Any reason why the courier may impose penalty charges through any fault of the Customer, the penalty charges will be passed on to the Customer and may also incur an additional surcharge of £20.

Extra charges may also include, but are not limited to:

  1. We will charge the appropriate service charges for any additional boxes / pallets
  2. We will charge any penalty fees charged by the courier to us
  3. We will charge any appropriate handling, transport, disposal and / or other associated costs for the disposal of any prohibited items received, including but not limited to all non-printer consumables
  4. We will charge an administration charge of £20 (maximum 1 per order) for any Extra Charges being applied

Please note that during peak season (15th November to 15th January) the couriers can charge up to £100 per box / pallet in penalties for incorrect dimensions and / or weights.

6. Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations are acceptable until the goods are collected.

There will be no charge if the cancellation is made before 12pm on the working day prior to the collection date confirmed on the order.

Cancellations on or after 12pm on the working day prior to the collection date, will be charged 100% of the total order value.

Any collection that fails at fault of ours or any third-party courier we use, will be re-booked free of charge. 

Any collection that fails at fault of you, will be cancelled without refund and you will be required to place a new collection order. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to issue a voucher to cover the processing fees on the new re-booked order.

An example of a failed collection at fault of yours, is not having the goods ready to collect or no shipping labels attached at the time the courier arrives to make the collection.

Where cancellations are free of charge and payment has already been made, the funds will be credited to your account for use on a future order. However, you can request the payment be refunded to you by contacting us, using the Contact Us section of the website.

Any refund will have the VAT refunded on top if there was VAT originally applied to the cancelled order, or part thereof.

7. Title of Goods

The title of goods will pass to Waterloo Business Management Limited as soon as the consignment has been collected from the collection location.

For the supply of replacement boxes, the title of goods will pass to you once you have confirmed your order and completed the checkout process, which will result in email confirmation from us.

8. Returns

If for any reason you require your consignment to be returned to you, we reserve the right to charge the full amount for the service as originally detailed on the order, in addition to the appropriate cost of returning the consignment to the location of collection. No Refund will be issued for returns and the Company will not bear any cost for the Return of Goods.

We are able to process a return of a consignment if it is still in transit, however once it is received by the Company, it cannot be guaranteed. The Company will endeavour to retrieve the customer’s consignment and return it, however this may not be possible if:

  1. The consignment does not contain printer consumables and these have already been disposed of
  2. The consignment has already been processed and the items are now in the recycling process
  3. The consignment has been lost by the courier in transit

If a full or part consignment cannot be returned to the customer, we hold no responsibility or liability for any financial loss, loss of profits, consequential loss or other losses to the Customer or any other party.

If a full or part consignment is lost in transit and cannot be returned to the customer, we hold no responsibility or liability for any financial loss, loss of profits, consequential loss or other losses to the Customer or any other party. In this case we cannot provide any further reporting for the data of its contents.

9. Completion

The service detailed on the order will be deemed to be complete once the consignment has been collected from the Customer. We will endevour to complete the service within 3 working days of receiving your confirmed order, although delays may occur, particularly during peak seasons for 3rd party couriers.

10. Data Protection

The Company may transfer information about the your organisation to our bankers / financiers for the purposes of promoting services for the following purposes:

  1. Obtaining credit insurance
  2. Making credit reference agency searches
  3. Credit control
  4. Assessment and analysis (including credit scoring, product and statistical analysis)
  5. Securitisation
  6. Protecting our interests

We will provide you with detail of our bankers / financiers and that of any credit reference agencies used on request.

11. Environmental and Legal Compliance

Print-Recycle is a division of WBM Ltd., therefore all licences and permits held by WBM Ltd. include all business aspects and activities of Print-Recycle.

WBM Ltd. are registered with the UK Environment Agency and hold the appropriate waste licenses and permits. This information and copies of the permits and licenses are available on request and on the Environment Agency website.

You can search WBM Ltd. at

It is the producer of the waste’s responsibility to generate a Waste Transfer Note, however Print-Recycle can do this on behalf of the Customer. If regular collections are being made from the same location, Print-Recycle will generate the Waste Transfer Note annually, otherwise they will be generated for each collection. Print-Recycle will hold electronic copies of the Waste Transfer Notes for 7 years and these can be requested at any time by the customer.

Both parties to this agreement must ensure they comply with all relevant environmental legislation at all times.

12. Website Use

By browsing and using this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Waterloo Business Management Limited’s relationship with you in regards to this website. If you disagree with any part of these Terms and Conditions, please do not use the website.

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You use this website and the information contained within at your own risk, for which the Company shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements

This website contains material that is owned by or licensed to the Company. This material includes, but is not limited to, design, layout, images, look, appearance, graphics, content. Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of these terms and conditions.

All trademarks that are not the property of the Company, but are referred to, displayed, shown or mentioned on this website are done so for illustrative purposes only. 

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Print-Recycle refers to our recycling service with a zero-landfill policy. However, we understand, and you acknowledge by using this site, that there may be a small amount of contamination (<5%) in each of the raw material outputs, which may or may not end up being incinerated or processed to landfill. We do not directly landfill or incinerate any material produced via this service. We work with partners to recycle and dispose of contamination within the raw materials to the same standard as ours own

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on your data and how this is used.

The Company can amend or withdraw these terms and conditions without notice. It is the responsibility of the Customer to remain aware of the terms and conditions. A current version of our terms and conditions can be found at all times on the website: