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Printer Toner Cartridge Recycling Service

Printer Toner Cartridge Recycling Service

Whether you are a business, school, public service or any other organisation, open up an account online today, where you can order your cartridge recycling boxes and request the return of full boxes for recycling.

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Your All-in-One Toner Recycling Solution

Arranging a collection of your used toner cartridges is easy and you can include all makes and models of printer consumables – genuine brand & compatible.

Specialists in Printer Consumable Recycling

We have a full solution for all printer consumable recycling, meaning no waste goes to landfill and no waste is exported. The majority of materials are recycled back into raw materials for reuse – helping the environment.

We issue Waste Transfer Notes for the collections and operate a zero-landfill process – ensuring you meet your Duty of Care for waste compliance & contribute to environmental improvement schemes.


One Box Solution

We accept ALL makes and models of printer consumables. You don’t need to separate your used and unwanted printer consumables, and you don’t need to organise multiple collection/recycling schemes.

Online Portal

Easily manage and track your recycling requests, whether it is requesting a collection or ordering replacement boxes.

Replacement Boxes

Courier-approved and specifically designed boxes to use at your location, boxes are supplied with bag and seal tape to prevent leaks.

Next-Day Service

We usually organise courier collections for the following working day, so the boxes are out of your way as soon as they are full. We can collect from any UK and Ireland location with our reliable and professional couriers.

Environmentally Beneficial

Your waste products are collected and brought to our recycling facility, where they are recycled on-site. They don’t need to be exported and transported long distances for further processing and will not end up in landfill. This lowers your carbon impact and helps achieve your environmental objectives.

Environmental Compliance

As the producer, it is your responsibility to ensure that this waste is treated properly and is covered by a Waste Transfer Note – we do all this for you. We have all the necessary waste registrations, licenses, and exemption permits necessary for printer consumable recycling. Several major OE Manufacturers utilise our recycling services for their products, highlighting our credibility.


Why do I have to pay to recycle my toner cartridges?

We are an independent collection and recycling company, therefore we can collect ALL makes and models of printer consumables. There may be alternative services available to you, but usually they are not as comprehensive and will restrict the products you can send back. We have a simple “One-Box-For-All’ service that enables you to recycle all your printer consumable waste with one simple service.

Beware of free / lower-cost recycling services  

We have a legal, transparent and auditable process for recycling. We also provide our services for several Original Equipment manufacturers in the UK. We would recommend that you ensure any alternative services you consider, also have the necessary legal registrations and processes. It is your responsibility to ensure your waste is dealt with correctly – even after it has left your site. Ask them what actually happens to your waste and where does it go? Most cartridges cannot be re-used – what happens to those? If you can, make a visit or set up a live video call to see exactly what happens with your waste. 

Beware of companies claiming to recycle by shredding. This process involves crushing and grinding mixed printer consumables in an industrial shredding machine. This simply condenses the material down, but ends up contaminating even more of the material with toner and ink. Where does the mix of condensed shredded contaminated plastic and metals go? Because of the mix of plastics and the small metal components, it is unlikely that this material is then able to be re-used. The condensed material often ends up in landfill – which may not be illegal if they are licensed, but it is not the best practice, not environmentally friendly and is a misleading ‘recycling’ process.

We welcome a visit to our site to see for yourself how all materials are processed, separated and cleaned on site and made ready for re-use.

What can I put in my collection box?

All makes (genuine and compatible) and all models of printer consumables. Printer cartridges such as toner, ink, franking etc. and we also accept drum units, fuser units, maintenance kits, transfer belts and full waste toner containers.

How do I make my box secure?

Please use strong tape to secure both top and bottom of the box. If the box is damaged, please use an alternative.Please also ensure the products are ALL contained inside a sealed bag within the box. Full waste toner containers should be contained in their own separate sealed bag, inside the main bag of products, to avoid contaminating other products.

How do I know the weight of my box?

We accept up to 20 Kgs in 1 box. That’s about the same weight as 8 packs of A4 (500 sheets).

How do I measure my box for the right size?

Measure the 3 sides (Length, Width, Height) in centimetres.

No side can be longer than 75cm.

L x W x H = volume. This should not be greater than 150,000 (150 litres)

For example: 40cm x 50cm x 60cm = 120,000cm3  (120 litres)

If you’re still not sure, please send a photo of your box to

What do I do if my box is too big?

Please move the products into smaller boxes.

You can order replacement boxes from us – our boxes are supplied with a bag and seal tape. Our boxes are approved by our couriers at 72cm x 38cm x 38cm (106 litres).

I have multiple toner cartridge collection boxes on my site how do I deal with them?

You can arrange collection for multiple boxes, simply prepare them for collection and book your collection for the quantity of boxes that you have.

We can also collect boxes from different sites, simply add the addresses into your address book and select them as alternative collection addresses at the checkout.

I’m a photocopier and / or toner cartridge supplier

Click here for information on trade discounts and please contact us on 0800 083 6555 /

We don’t have a company / organisation credit or debit card?

Please contact us to arrange an alternative method of payment. You can make a BACS transfer to put funds on your account, that can be used to complete purchases. Our customer services team will be able to help with this, please contact us on 0800 083 6555 /

Why should I consider printer consumable recycling?

Many printer cartridges and consumables are classified as WEEE waste and so cannot simply be put into general waste. As the powder and ink can contaminate other waste, it should undergo specialist treatment and most general waste management companies do not have this in place – so in many cases, the cartridges are exported, incinerated, or worse, put into landfill. It is your responsibility to ensure that the waste is dealt with correctly and in legal compliance. Even if you send the waste through ‘general waste’ streams, it is your responsibility to prove to the Environment Agency that you have checked what happens to it and how it is recycled. You should ask your current waste service provider what actually happens with the printer cartridges and consumables they receive.

How does it work?

You have an online account on this portal. You simply request collections of full boxes of printer consumables by submitting an order. Once we receive your order, we will book a courier to collect the box(es) from your chosen location – usually the next working day. Once we receive the boxes at our facility we weigh, check and process them for recycling. We complete the environmental paperwork and upload your Waste Transfer Note onto your portal. You can also use the online portal to order replacement boxes and access live tracking for courier progress with your orders.

Is there a charge for the service? Why isn’t it free?

As this is specialist recycling, there are costs involved that need to be covered as well as the transport. Please see the pricing information below for full details of the prices. For around £1 per cartridge, this is a reasonable price to ensure your waste is being recycled properly.

Are you a dealer/distributor/managed print service provider? Click here for Trade Discounts.

What do you collect / recycle?

All brands of printer consumables, whether genuine OE, remanufactured or compatible, can be disposed of as part of your printer consumable recycling.

We accept all printer cartridges (laser, desktop, MFP, ink, franking etc.) as well as other consumables such as fuser units, drum units, maintenance kits and transfer belts. You can also recycle waste toner boxes (full of waste toner powder) with us – please just ensure they are contained in their own sealed bag to avoid leaking onto other items. The products can be used, damaged or simply no longer needed.

How do I get started?

Simply enter your email below to register for an account. Once you have verified your email and setup your password, you can browse the portal and purchase the service(s) you need. You can order some replacement boxes so you have them ready to start putting your waste into, or if you have boxes already full, you can simply request the printer consumable recycling service for us to collect and recycle. We require payment at the time of completing your order, which can be made via our secure payment platform online. You can also choose to add more funds to your account to make the checkout process faster next time around.


£34.50 per box for collection and recycling
£20.00 for a pack of 3 replacement boxes supplied with bag and seal tape
You can also use Voucher Code GGAD25D23 at the checkout to get 25% off your first order!


If you are a supplier, dealer or distributor in the printer consumables industry, you can access discounted prices and other benefits, please see our trade page for more information.

How it Works

We offer a closed-loop solution for used printer consumables. All makes and models of printer cartridges can be included - along with any other printer consumables such as drum and fuser units.

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Print-Recycle provide a professional and complete recycling solution for your printer consumables. We help you fulfil your Corporate Responsibility, taking care of both your, and your customers, recycling obligations.

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