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About Us

PRINT-RECYCLE are the UK’s leading facilitator for the recycling of printer consumables.

Providing efficient and reliable collections of both boxes and pallets nationwide, our environmentally friendly service offers your business a valuable and sustainable recycling solution.

We have developed unique and innovative processes to sort, clean, separate and recycle all materials we receive. We follow the Waste Hierarchy as set out in the EU Waste Framework Directive and enforced in UK Law under The Waste Regulations 2011 (England & Wales). If products or materials can be re-used, they are supplied back to the OE Manufacturer, otherwise they are processed for raw material recovery at our site. There are some materials that cannot be recycled, such as waste toner powder – this is processed at a nearby incineration plant where it is used as a fuel to generate energy.

All makes and models of printer consumables can be recycled.

We are independent and totally focussed on providing long-term, sustainable, end-of-life solutions for printer consumables. We do not sell other products and services, so you can manage your recycling without the need to commit to purchasing anything else. Our recycling services are also used by several OEMs in the UK, but your data remains confidential and is never shared with these or other 3rd parties.

We provide a traceable and auditable solution for you, ensuring you also have the correct documentation to comply with current environmental regulations. We keep copies of your Waste Transfer Notes so that you can show compliance should the Environment Agency wish to audit your organisation. You can also download your own copies from your online account.

Providing a reliable collection service throughout the UK and Ireland, Print-Recycle can collect directly from your site and you can arrange collections on behalf of other sites. Whether it’s individual boxes or multiple pallets, we can offer a full recycle solution including courier collection, or simply a processing only service and allow you to arrange your own transport.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – our site requires a debit / credit card payment method to complete the booking of services. If you are a regular service user, you can add funds to your online account to be used for future bookings, please contact us for more details.

If you would like to discuss any queries or particular requirements for your organisation, please contact our team to arrange a bespoke service for you! You can call us on 0800 083 6555 or email